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Festival Tech:

British Summertime eh? Yeah, more like August showers. Well the summertime is the time for all the big festivals such as Reading and V Fest. So in order to be fully prepared for your weekend away you need to keep all of the essential tech items with you, so here are my top 5 recommendations for Festival Tech.31AeSirRh1L

Numero Uno. The Besiter Maya power bank is the perfect solution for a week away. It can charge the majority of smartphones 6-7 times so you shouldn’t have any issues with your devices running out of charge when you want to be Snapchatting and having a good time with your friends. The compact, lightweight design means that even if you take it along with you while your jamming to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers without having to think about it again.
31mv1nb3l2L2. The next thing I want to recommend is the Besiter Eclipse power bank. The reason behind this is because it is both a portable power bank with 2 USB outputs so even if you have a friend whose phone is running out then tey can also charge their phone. There is a great built in flashlight so when you are wondering around in the dark for your tent then you’ll be sure to get into the right one which will avoid any issues in the morning. There is a convenient shake to check power indicator so you can always accurately check how much charge there is inside the power bank.

3. Who wants to carry their actual phone while at a festival because there is a large chance that you might lose it or it might be stolen. Therefore, the Vodafone Smart First 6 is a perfect camping smartphone as it costs just £20 and with a camera and great reviews you can definitely count on this as a backup phone even if you want to take your normal phone with you.

71xmW3oq20L._SL1500_4. I have recently been testing out a bunch of portable solar panels from Aukey and I have enjoyed using them so much. Alongside the Besiter Maya or Besiter Eclipse this is the perfect combo as you can charge both your smartphone and your power bank at the same time without needing an actual power outlet. The 21W means that the Eclipse will charge in just a couple of hours which means you’ll have a fully charged power bank every single day so no worrying about your battery running low on your phone or your power bank.


5. If you do choose to get the Vodafone Smart First 6 the camera on it isn’t the best61SHbjZFYfL._SL1024_
so you may choose to get a dedicated camera. I would like to recommend the Amkov AMK5000S as I have had it for the past one year and haven’t been disappointed it. It is very similar to a GoPro but it is much more affordable and comes with a huge range of accessories included for free in the box. The camera will allow you to record all of your best moments in full HD and you will be able to just point and shoot because there is such a wide angle lens and not have to worry about missing out the shot. You could even get the 7000S if you want a screenon the back.

That’s all of my top 5 Festival Tech items to take with you when you go to a festival. I would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below as to what you take when going to a festival.

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