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The Best Smart Watches for 2016:

Smart watches are changing the way people access the Internet, but which is the best smartwatch for older people? The young like to adapt quickly to new technology but are prone to favor style over substance. Ageing baby boomers are more discerning and prefer to pay for functionality, while also hoping to find something attractive and easy to wear. Take a look at our list of the best watches for baby boomers.

LG G Watch

LG are a well known manufacturer of quality and good value smartphones. Their reputation for reliable technology carries over into their smart watch offerings. The LG G Watch runs the Android operating system and the company has installed a range of useful apps on it. The watch comes in a range of design variants, including the G Watch R and the Watch Urbane. Some find the Urbane design a little bulky, but the G Watch R’s round face design wins plaudits.

Motorola Moto 360

Motorola is another reliable brand name and the Moto 360 is highly rated for usability and functionality in all reviews. The watch’s cons include a short battery life and a low resolution screen.

Sony Smartwatch

Another brand noted for its innovation and reliability, Sony’s smartwatch is now available in three versions the original Smartwatch, the Smartwatch 2 and the Smartwatch 3. Each version is currently for sale and each progression brings more functionality and a higher price tag. The Sony Smartwatch 3 includes a GPS system and improved battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung pretty much cornered the smartphone market with its Galaxy phone and they have spread some of the kudos they earned in the smartphone market over to their smartwatch market by using the same name. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is currently in its third version, but you can still buy earlier incarnations in the shop. In a twist on the usual price progression, the latest version, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, has fewer features and is less expensive than the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The original has a camera, but the Neo does not. However, the base version is bulkier than the Neo.


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