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RFID Credit Cards – Hidden Risks and Solutions

Technology is improving by leaps and bounds – that’s a fact. One of the latest achievements of engineers is the RFID Credit Cards chip installed within your credit cards. Simply put, this is that chip that you see on the face of your card – it kind of looks like a SIM card for your mobile phone. However, the purpose of this chip is actually rather interesting. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Basically, this means that a device which is programmed to read said frequencies is going to receive the information from your credit card that’s required to make a transaction. While this has certain advantages such as the ability to use the card without positioning it straight into the reading device, it also hides a lot of risks.

Credit Card Theft

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One of the things that you should be really concerned about is the possibility of a random person stealing valuable information from your credit card simply by passing by you. Yes – that’s pretty much possible. A recent research, which was conducted by specialists from the University of Massachusetts, made it pretty clear that all it takes to skim up to £30 is a basic credit card reader with contactless payment. Yes, it’s that simple – someone could take out £30 out of your pocket by simply touching you and you won’t even know it until it’s too late.

RFID Skimming

This is what should concern you the most. This is the process in which a specifically manufactured device, designed to read particular radio frequencies, skims your RFID chip and gets valuable information from it such as the PIN code. You should be aware of the fact that these RFID chips are exposed – you can see them on the face of the card. This means that whenever you take out your card from your pocket or wallet, you are literally showing the information to the outside world. The worst thing is that everything that’s required to get away with a theft of the kind is a basic credit card reader which has a function for contactless payment.

This would allow someone who has this device to pass right by you and withdraw a particular amount of money just by walking by.
This poses serious threats because you wouldn’t be able to take the necessary precautions to disable the card and prevent potential loss of funds. However, there is an easy solution to this particular problem. The Kavson ID protection vertical sleeve is specifically designed to block the emission of these radio frequencies, produced by your RFID chip. This means that once you place your card within the stylishly designed sleeve protector, you can rest assured that no device can pick the frequencies up.

The Need For Protection

We live in uncertain economic times and that’s a fact. Technologies are developing at an incredibly fast pace which presents us with certain possibilities. However, the thing is that people often tend to take advantage of the fast development rate and come up with solutions, designated with malicious aforethought. The examples given above are just a few.

Yes, the RFID technology is advanced and it does provide the regular customer with some particular benefits, but the truth is that it also leaves him exposed to potential threats. The possibility of RFID skimming is indeed real and proven. The scariest thing is that you might not even know what hit you. Unlike regular credit card theft, you won’t be able to protect yourself, just because you aren’t aware of the theft. With this being said, you can only take preventive measures. RFID blocking sleeve protectors designed by Kavson are definitely a problem solver. Placing your credit cards within these handsome pockets is going to ensure that the condition of your funds is safe and sound. This is by far the best method for preventive protection.