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Pokemon GO

Before Pokemon Go we had, Pokemon is a classic game for millions of people and the franchise is still extremely popular today and together with Niantic, Nintendo have been able to tap into the childhood memories of those millions. So the basis of the game revolves around you creating an avatar at the start which will then allow you to be a Pokemon master as you go around your surroundings trying to catch Pokemon and then using them to battle in Gyms which are prominent public location.

I don’t know about you but I think this is a great idea as it means you can relive your childhood while also being able to go around your surroundings learning new facts as you along as the game includes lots of facts about PokeStops which are locations at which you get things like Pokeballs or Revives and it is vital to go to these in order to keep your stock filled up so that you are able to beat the Gym leaders who so far have fairly powerful Pokemon as far as I have seen. BUT, as this games uses both your GPS every second you are playing the game alongside using your camera as soon as you try and catch a Pokemon and so drains even the largest of smartphone batteries and therefore it’s vital you carry around a fairly hefty power bank in order to be able to go around and catch Pokemon to your hearts desire without having to worry about your battery dying in the middle of you catching your dream Pokemon.

So I would definitely recommend getting the Besiter Maya 20,000 mAh alongside our durable MFI certified lightning cable (if your own a iOS devices that is) otherwise it you have a device which charges over Micro USB then the Maya already has a Micro USB cable inside the box. So you may be wondering why exactly I am recommending the Maya 20,000 mAh power bank over the rest of the market products, so firstly the Maya is one of the slimmest and most compact portable power banks for its huge capacity which will mean you can go hunting for Pokemon for days on end without ever worrying about running out of charge.promocode

Quick tip: if you haven’t started your Pokemon Go journey yet then if you want Pikachu as your starter Pokemon then when you are offered the 3 starter Pokemon then just walk away from them and sure enough you should get a Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. Unfortunately I didn’t know this but I’m happy with my choice of a Squirtle but I’m giving all you guys a heads up.

So I haven’t seen my battery drain so quickly ever before playing Pokemon go and my Maya 20,000 mAh is perfect as I am able to charge up my phone fully because of the higher 2.1A output offered by the Maya’s dual USB ports which is great as it means my phone is always ready to go when I stop my Pokemon journey. [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B0170044EU”][/wwcAmzAffProducts]

In case you haven’t seen the news I’ll inform you about some people who have been getting lost and they have been stuck in the most remote places as they haven’t paid attention to where they are going while on their Pokemon mission. After all this chaos they have also been stuck with no battery as they didn’t bother carrying a Maya alongside them so found themselves with a flat battery.

If you want to avoid this situation I would recommend getting the IDMIX Anti Lost keychain and getting your friends and family to install the accompanying app so if you go on a mission to find Mew and don’t find it then they will be able to come and find you if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. This is a great thing to have as it both is a Lightning Cable so iOS device users don’t have to buy a separate cables and this also works as a shutter button so while taking those selfies for Snapchat you will be able to just press the button and you’ll have your perfect picture while hunting.

The key to getting the perfect selection of Pokemon is by going to the relevant location. So if you want to catch the water types then I would recommend that you go to a river, lake, pond or any other body of water and your chances of getting a Polywag are much higher than if you try and search for it in your local park. In the same sense you can also find land Pokemon in your local parks. Lots of people have been finding Psychic Pokemon in Cemeteries and Graveyards which I find to be a bit odd but it’s up to Niantic where they want to place these Pokemon. Personally one of the most powerful Pokemon I own is a Porygon.

I would always recommend looking around at your surrounding before walking rather than looking down at your phone as it is dangerous but don’t forget to have fun and relax while playing one of the most important and iconic games of the last 2 decades as this year marks Pokemons 20th Anniversary.