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Besiter Mercury 5:

So, you may think this is just another battery pack. Think again. The Besiter Mercury 5 – 5000mAh battery pack is the worlds first MFI (Made for iPhone) compatible battery pack which uses the Apple Lightning cable to charge up.

So I want to talk about the packaging, there is a magnetic flap which lists some of the main features of this battery pack such as the efficient Texas Instruments chip which allows your devices to charge as fast as possible with the intelligent charging. Another key feature is that this charges using Lightning and this is the best mate for Apple users. Opening the flap, you can see a glimpse of the battery pack itself and the model I have is the gold and white one. Sliding out the plastic tray which encases the battery pack itself, a short Lightning cable and an instruction manual.

Charging up the battery pack is incredibly easy as I am an iPhone user so I just Mercury 5hooked it up to a 2A charger and it took around 2-3 hours to fully charge and for the 4 LED indicators to show up. Then plugging my iPhone in was pretty easy I just took the included Lightning cable and started charging my phone, I was at 1% and it took around 2 hours to fully charge my iPhone 6S which is around the same amount of time that it takes to charge from the mains connection.

Taking a look at the battery pack itself, it is just a tad smaller than the footprint of my iPhone 6S. This is a really compact size for the amount of battery capacity that it has and compared to other battery packs I have used; this is extremely light. The white glossy plastic which covers the majority of the battery pack does pick up fingerprints but under the majority of lighting this is not visible.

The thing I love most about this is the fact that the metal band on the outside of the battery pack feels like it is made out of exactly the same metal that my iPhone is made out of. Many people have mistaken this for an iPhone 6 upon first looking at it and they have asked to see and it and that’s when they realised that it wasn’t an iPhone. That’s how much this resembles an iPhone.

The power button is located on the side of the side of the battery pack and this feels exactly like an iPhone’s one, the tactility and overall size is almost identical to Apple. The Lightning input of the battery pack is almost identical to Apple’s iPhone lightning cable too. The USB output is rated at 2.1A and this means you can charge larger devices such as tablets at their full input speed compared to other battery packs which have a max output of 1A.

You might be thinking why this battery pack costs just under £30 compared to other battery packs which have the same capacity cost much less, but then again none of them can claim that they are the world first MFI certified battery pack which charges over Lightning. This is all down to the extortionate costs that Apple charge for their parts when selling it to other manufacturers and even after all of this Besiter have managed to keep this at a very low price. After this I doubt you can complain.

If you are an Apple user then this will work perfectly with your setup, as every other battery pack charges over Micro USB or some other proprietary cable. This means you can charge up the battery pack and your Apple device over the same cable and so this means you have one less cable to carry and one less cable to remember so there is less chance of you forgetting the cable.

There are 4 LED indicator lights which are corresponding with 25% of the battery percentage and pressing the power button turns the battery pack off and when not in use it automatically turns itself off to save power.

Overall I have been very impressed with the battery pack and it matches my iPhone 6S perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. The battery pack is both extremely portable and light and has a huge capacity which can charge up my iPhone 6S at least twice. This is a big thumbs up from me as one of the best products I have tested in a really long time.

By Siddu Munjal

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  1. Jass 25/04/2016

    I am loving the Besiter battery pack and don’t leave without it! It’s light and slim so it’s easy to fit into a side pocket. I am impressed how quickly it charges the phone! Thanks guys, much appreciated 🙂
    @jassv_ (twitter)