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The Besiter Mercury Power Bank is the first portable charger I have come across that I actually use and like. It’s roughly the same size as an iPhone 6, with similar smooth, curved edges and weighs about 200g.

It is available in two colour combinations – black/grey or white/gold. They intentionally look as if they could have been designed by Apple as both are made from the same 7000 Series aluminium as used in the iPhone 6/6Plus. (A plus point in my books.)

Besiter also says that it is the “world’s first and only MFi-certified power bank which means that you only need a single lighting cable to charge up your device and the power bank”.

There are two charging cable options – MFi for Apple users and Micro USB for Android. With two simple ports (lightning and USB), you can charge the Besiter Mercury from the mains, or power two devices simultaneously with the dual output slots……………

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