Apple Event 2016:

Wow!! What a day it has been today at Apple, LG and Sony. LG released the LG V20 earlier this morning which features the samephpxa1dre durability drop protection, dual display while adopting a single front facing camera compared to the V10’s dual front camera setup, whilst the back gets a dual camera setup from the LG G5.

But I am sure you want to know about the Apple event more. So let me give you a rundown of exactly what is happening. Apple released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in 5 colours total, the Apple Watch Series 2, the Airpods, and the Lightning Earpods.

iPhone’s first of all, there are 5 colours available for the phones including Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black and Jet Black. Everybody thought the Jet Black one was going to be called Piano Black but it seems Apple had other ideas. The black variant is a darker version of the space grey we have had for the 6 & 6s range for the last 2 years.  There are brand new cameras in both variants with a redesigned 12MP camera with optical image stabilisation on both models compared to only on the Plus models for the 6 & 6S variants. This has a wide colour gamut which is the cinema grade P3 one so it is basically industry leading specs that Apple has included inside the phones.

The Plus variant gains a boost in camera performance as it now has a dual
camera setup with one lens being a 28mm standard, wide angle lens and the other being a 56mm telephoto lens and the software has been designed to intelligently switch between the two seamless without you even realising. There is a redesigned camera app which allows you to zoom using a new button above the digital shutter button which now allows you to get a sharp 12MP image without losing much detail in the process.

There is a new portrait mode in the camera app as well which uses the 56mm lens equivalent to get a superb shallow depth of field image with