Apple Event 2016:

Wow!! What a day it has been today at Apple, LG and Sony. LG released the LG V20 earlier this morning which features the samephpxa1dre durability drop protection, dual display while adopting a single front facing camera compared to the V10’s dual front camera setup, whilst the back gets a dual camera setup from the LG G5.

But I am sure you want to know about the Apple event more. So let me give you a rundown of exactly what is happening. Apple released the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in 5 colours total, the Apple Watch Series 2, the Airpods, and the Lightning Earpods.

iPhone’s first of all, there are 5 colours available for the phones including Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black and Jet Black. Everybody thought the Jet Black one was going to be called Piano Black but it seems Apple had other ideas. The black variant is a darker version of the space grey we have had for the 6 & 6s range for the last 2 years.  There are brand new cameras in both variants with a redesigned 12MP camera with optical image stabilisation on both models compared to only on the Plus models for the 6 & 6S variants. This has a wide colour gamut which is the cinema grade P3 one so it is basically industry leading specs that Apple has included inside the phones.

The Plus variant gains a boost in camera performance as it now has a dual
camera setup with one lens being a 28mm standard, wide angle lens and the other being a 56mm telephoto lens and the software has been designed to intelligently switch between the two seamless without you even realising. There is a redesigned camera app which allows you to zoom using a new button above the digital shutter button which now allows you to get a sharp 12MP image without losing much detail in the process.

There is a new portrait mode in the camera app as well which uses the 56mm lens equivalent to get a superb shallow depth of field image with a lot of bokeh in the background which I am a major fan of. The front facing camera also gets an upgrade up to 7MP to get even sharper selfies and Apple has released the live photos API to apps to take advantage of and Instagram also lets you make a boomerang from your live photos. The home button is now a solid state button which you will get the feeling of movement due to the haptic feedback engine but I am still sad the physical home button is gone now as it was something I have loved since the original iPhone as I haven’t found the haptic engine to be as good as recreating the feeling of movement. The processor is now a new quad core A10 fusion one of which 2 out of the cores are high performance ones which will be used in high performance apps like games and the other 2 are high efficiency low powered ones which will be used in everyday tasks like checking emails and sending iMessages. This means you will also save battery which doing the more basic tasks so it results in better battery life.iphone-7-colors-650-80

On the topic of battery life Apple claims an extra 2 hours on average for the iPhone 7 and an extra 1 hour on the iPhone 7 Plus which is probably due to the processor upgrades as it is more efficient whilst the battery capacity is probably increased due to the increased space inside. You may ask why there is more space inside, because APPLE GOT RID OF THE HEADPHONE JACK. They actually went and did it. The headphone jack is actually gone. So now you can buy their £159 Apple Airpods which is actually ridiculous. I mean who will actually buy them, they last 5 hours on a single charge but £159!!! The Jabees BTwins Wireless earphones will cost just a fraction of that price when they are released later this month, whilst coming with much better audio quality, much better battery life and a much more portable and fashionable design compared to the atrocities that is the Airpods.

The Jabees BTwins will have a Bluetooth range of 33 feet which is about 10 feet as well as a sleek design with a small multi-functional button which will be able to do much more than the Airpods and you will be able to learn more about the BTwins later this month.

There is also IP67 Waterproof rating on the iPhones which means that you will be able to use the phone in the shower and if you fall into the pool (or get pulled into it like I have had done to me) then your phone should be fine to work with no issues but you will be advised by the phone to allow it to fully dry off before it being used once again as it means you won’t risk damaging the phone or your own life, as we all know that water and electricity shouldn’t be mixed.

3D Touch makes a return on the 7 & 7 Plus which is expected and there are now stereo speakers as the earpiece now acts as a secondary speaker alongside the large grills at the bottom of the phone due to the lack of the headphone jack. There is now Cat 9 LTE so you can get theoretical max speeds of 450 Mbps because of 3×3 Mimo antennas which are now much better hidden on the 2 new black and jet black colours which is great.

The cost has increased in the UK as the base iPhone 7 costs £599 and the 7 Plus costs £719 so you will be paying a premium compared to the last gen and maybe this is due to Brexit. There are now new storage options with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB as Apple has finally got rid of the 16GB base model with the 4K recording. There were some rumours that turned out fake, these include: Wireless charging, smart connector pins on the Plus model and completely recessed buttons to ensure the waterproof-ability. Super Mario Run is also now coming to the iPhone which should be exciting although unlike Pokémon Go it is a paid app.

Apple Watch:

So moving onto the Apple Watch Series 2, this has a new processor, new GPU, increased waterproofing which Apple is calling Swim Proof. There are a couple of new bands and Apple has included a ceramic white colour which is apparently 3x as durable as the stainless steel variant of the watch. There is now built in GPS for the watch which means you could use this without your phone while going on a hike or on a walk.

apple-watch-nike-plus-severalYou can also now get Pokémon Go on your Apple Watch which is basically a way to get your egg’s hatched along with to meet your daily step count so it’s the best of both worlds right??? The display is now 1000 nits which is the brightest display Apple has ever made on any device so outdoor display-ability will be at an all-time high which is good. There is also a Nike+ version available for the Series 2 of the Apple W