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Apple Event March 2016:

So the Apple Event on March 16 event was one of the biggest ever. Apple came out with a huge range of new products including the new 9.7” iPad Pro, the new 4” iPhone SE along with loads of Apple Watch bands and new cases.

First of all, the new 9.7” iPad Pro, this iPad had been leaked by a huge amount of tech sites over the past few weeks although there wasn’t a huge amount changed from the current 9.7” flagship iPad Air 2. Is Apple iPadPro-ApplePencil-Splitview-Vert_PR-PRINTmaking the Air line obsolete? It seems like that from the fact that they haven’t released a new Air model since October 2014 and now they have come up with a 9.7” replacement but from the Pro series rather than the Air series. This whole naming solution from Apple is seriously confusing. So the new things with the 9.7” iPad Pro is that it has a new 12MP camera which can now film 4K video and take up to 63MP panorama shots.

There is now a new Rose Gold option which wasn’t available for the 12.9” model, the iPad Pro now has a TrueTone flash which is a first for the iPad line-up. The resolution remains the same at 2048×1536 (264ppi) and has a TrueTone display flash for the crispy selfies. Both Pro models have the A9X Chipset with the A9 motion coprocessor, dual stereo speakers, the smart connector. This long overdue update for the Air 2 is seriously worth the wait for users. The storage capacity now also goes up to 256GB which is huge for a tablet but as Apple is toting this as a productivity product this is pretty ideal for storage hungry users that aren’t ready to move over to the cloud.

Next the 4” iPhone SE, Apple claimed that 30 million 4 inch iPhones were sold last year which is a huge number. Therefore, Apple released the “successor” to the iPhone 5S. Meet the iPhone SE. This 4-inch variant has the internals of the 6S in the smaller form factor that so many people love. The 4.7” and 5.5” screens are iphonese-rosegold-select-2016just too big for some users so the one hand friendly 4” screens are ideal for them. This has the 12MP camera with the new TrueTone flash with 4K video, A9 chipset with M9 motion co-processor, and also it now supports Apple Pay.

This is a really strange move by Apple as the iPhone 6 was the successor to the 5S but now it has 2 separate ranges of successors but Apple have played a smart move in the fact that they now don’t have to name this model by the numbering system so will be able to easily update it without the numbering confusing and it may just go by the rele
ase year from now on. How does iPhone SE (2016 Edition) sound?

The Apple Watch got a plethora of new bands including the new Space Black Milanese loop, new woven nylonw38sb-mlbk-sel-201603 bands which will help to make your Apple watch more individual than ever before and as the range increases your choice increases as well. Although this does come at a cost as the Space Black Milanese loop costs a whopping £179 for the 42MM version which comes as a surprise as the most budget friendly Apple Watch now comes at a tidy £259 so the maths doesn’t really add up but if you have the budget then you can flaunt it.AppleWatch-Tumbles-4-Up-PRINT

Apple also introduced a new Liam robotic system which was built by Apple engineers to take apart an iPhone in the most effective way in order to be able to separate all the parts to reuse and recycle. This lead to the new Reuse and Recycling program which allows your to send in your old devices in to be properly recycled as Apple said ‘There is only limited resources in our world’. You maybe even get a gift card if the product you give in is in workable condition from which Apple can salvage parts and sell on or reuse again.

iOS 9.3 also was released and it brought some new changes with it. Such as night shift which changes
the screens colour temperature to reduce the blue light emitted which will in theory allow you to sleep better iOS-9-icon-1024x1024as the blue light wont be able release Melatonin which is a hormone that reduces the amount of histamine
in your body so you can sleep better. This is a win win situation for all and this has been rumoured for months on end after apple took F.lux which did the exact same thing off the App Store a couple of months ago. You can schedule this to kick of at any time of the day so you don’t have to do it manually. This is compatible with the 64 bit chips, so the iPhone 5S onwards.

It also brought upon more protection on the Notes app, you can now set passwords or use Touch ID to unlock specific notes which means if you store your passwords on your Notes app then you are more secure now. The health app also had some updates and so did CarplaAppleWatch-Tumbles-4-Up-PRINTy.

Overall it has been a jam packed event and we will be looking forward to the WWDC event in June where we may see updates to the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Along with maybe an updated Mac Pro


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