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Apple Event March 2016:

So the Apple Event on March 16 event was one of the biggest ever. Apple came out with a huge range of new products including the new 9.7” iPad Pro, the new 4” iPhone SE along with loads of Apple Watch bands and new cases.

First of all, the new 9.7” iPad Pro, this iPad had been leaked by a huge amount of tech sites over the past few weeks although there wasn’t a huge amount changed from the current 9.7” flagship iPad Air 2. Is Apple iPadPro-ApplePencil-Splitview-Vert_PR-PRINTmaking the Air line obsolete? It seems like that from the fact that they haven’t released a new Air model since October 2014 and now they have come up with a 9.7” replacement but from the Pro series rather than the Air series. This whole naming solution from Apple is seriously confusing. So the new things with the 9.7” iPad Pro is that it has a