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Tech Gadgets, To protect your high tech gadgets against moisture damage, you can always resort to waterproofing with Liquipel. For a minimum of 59 per smartphone and $89 per tablet, the nanotechnology-based Liquipel application can effectively waterproof your mobile device to withstand the damaging effects of water. However, for extreme conditions such as high altitudes, wind, rain, as well as temperature highs and lows, toting hardy electronics is a must. Here are five tech gear designed for rugged environmental conditions.

Dell’s Latitude E6420 XFR

Dell sets a price tag of $3210.50 for its E6420 XFR. A highly durable laptop designed for field work in harsh environments, Dell’s Latitude E6420 XFR has BallisticArmor features that protect the computing device from humidity, dust, extreme temperatures, and spills. The machine can withstand being dropped from a height of up to six feet. Its operating temperature range is -20°F to 145°F. When switched off, it can withstand temperatures from -60°F to 160°F.

Dell’s Latitude E6420 XFR secures your data by offering encryption options for the hard drive and login access safety measures such as a contactless smart card and a fingerprint reader. Its screen enables you to clearly see the display screen even under the harsh glare of sunlight. It is also equipped with an optional touch-sensitive functionality, if you are wearing thick gloves, for example, and typing on the keyboard is not possible.

IoSafe’s Rugged Portable drive

This piece of electronic marvel by IoSafe has been publicly shown being shot up with a 12-gauge shotgun. Its Thunderbolt edition that comes with a grounding cap was also publicly demonstrated holding out and keeping its stored data in pristine condition after the drive was zapped by an eight-foot-tall million-volt Tesla coil.

The 1TB IoSafe Rugged Portable costs $319 and can protect your stored data even through a 20-foot drop, 5000-pound crushing force, and a three-day 30-foot immersion in water. IoSafe’s SSD version of its rugged portable hard drive with a 120GB capacity has a starting price of $499.